Here it goes..

Hello, im Sharna Leanne a.k.a Mammy to Alden Jax. I normally share all our adventures on our instagram @lifewithaldenjax… until now.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while now, but always thought readers will get insanely bored with the random ramblings of a solo parent who will probably use this as a place to vent and discuss everything from mental health and pregnancy to baby led weaning and even style or tech.

But with it being the turn of the year, I thought why not. Jump in, i’ll start 2019 as I mean to go on, stepping (all be it slowly) outside my comfort zone and learning to love doing everything I’m passionate about – all the while telling my incessant internal anxiety to shh or at least hurry up and pass!

It will be a organised mish mash of all my interests in one place, it will hopefully be a place of honest motherhood covering serious topics and probably hilarity mixed in there somewhere as I try and naviagte the rollercoaster of being a first time mammy to a dude of a 2 year old and solo parent at the same time!

2019…. here we definitely go!


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