How I Dreamt it would be…

So, as some of my friends and instagram followers know, I had a traumatic birth. At first, straight after it didn’t really feel traumatic, I was being told it was from the midwifes and every other person who was already a Mother. I thought well I know it was an emergency situation but traumatic? … until it hit me that is.. because it affected me so much – to which I still suffer to this day with PTSD issues – I thought I’d try and tell you the story of what I had planned, envisioned and dreamt the birth of my first baby would be!

Okay, so anyway, I’m a bit of a nerd my personality is the type to like to know the insides of everything the how, what, when and why so I used the internet to help me plan my perfect birth. I scoured pinterest, blogs from other Mums, forums and anything I could find. I’m a pretty holistic, natural type of person and my dream birth was heavily influenced by this.

This was it.

I began researching and practicing hypnobirthing techniques and mindful breathing. I bought a pregnancy TENS machine, as pain relief. I made myself some protein energy snack bars to help keep me going during labour. I researched different essential oils and had bought lavender, chamomile and jasmine, to create calming blends to put on flannels or around the delivery suite. I had planned to be on my feet, walking around as much as possible as I read this helps nature take its course! I bought some witch hazel, aloe vera and peppermint oil to make a diy postpartum pads/sprays – a just incase I needed it. I ate dates, every day as I read from a study that it helps condition the uterus, and helps with the after birth first toilet visit! I also took raspberry leaf tea capsules for the benefits they have for the uterus too. I used Clary Sage essential oil in a carrier oil on my bump after his due date to try and give him a nudge to come out… he was eventually 11 days overdue. My induction was booked the same afternoon I went into active labour, after 3 days slow labour. I was fortunate enough to use a some of the things I planned, but strapped to a bed, not allowed to eat kind of thing… my labour quickly turned into something out of my control and what I didnt wish for, Which i’ll write about on another post 🙂

Did you use any holistic approaches in your labour?

Let me know in comments or over on my instagram.


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