Work face – Get ready with me. #ad – brushes

Disclaimer – I am not a youtuber, I’d be pretty damn petrified of doing actual videos – for now anyway but I’ve had quite a few insta messages about how I do my make up.

Amazed as to why but hey ho, I like make up I think its because my personality is a creative one – its a form of art! I mean halloween, did you see how OTT we went – and are already planning this years! I say we, Alden is 2 … it’s all me, I’m passing my love for Halloween on in full force!

I digress… I always do! So based on the messages I thought Id make a quick video, the lighting is terrible, which makes the saturation x 103% so you cant see the colours tbf – my bed isn’t fully made, washing on the radiator – yay motherhood! Stressing again I’m not a youtuber – some of their ‘set ups’ in the background are to die for… mine is not!

For quickness I tend to stick to the same colour palette for my eyes, the transitions and everything – keeping it quick and simple because I’d rather enjoy a hot coffee when I’m getting ready for work and Alden is already at his childminders. It took me around 12 minutes to do this if that, if that. Alden says im putting tiger stripes on when I do my make up – fun fact lol.

I had already done my morning skin routine which is all Dermalogica… I also moisturised with Dermalogica Active Moist leaving it for 5 mins before applying my make up. I always start eyes carving brows etc because any fallout can be wiped off easily. If I actually take my time and have time or somewhere special to go I would use a brush but the Conceal and Define from Revolution is fab… as is the applicator from their foundation. It’s full coverage, doesn’t dry out my skin or melt. I finish with their setting spray – which I didn’t record. Duh – not a youtuber!

If you have any questions – let me know… if you’d like to see more let me know too!

The finished look, in different lighting as the video was a mare!

Products I used;


Revolution, Conceal & Define Foundation in F1 (Pale-st going) Their conceal and contour in C2. Contour Palette for contour, blush and highlight. Translucent Loose Powder to set – I think its MUA or something. Lips was a brown shade from Revolution lip palette with a orange/brown in the centre.


Revolution Reloaded Palette – Fundamental. Nude Orange for Transition, Nude pink for base, A Brown in the crease, soft blended, their eye primer to half cut crease and topped with a rose gold foil – all from the same palette. My brows are a hybrid brow by the amazing Elaine Campin Elite Brows, but they need their touch up appt (ASAP) so I darken parts with brow powder to re-define – & wax to keep strays in place. Mascara was W7 im sure – Trying to remember this from bed on my ipad – its too cold to get out and check. I used the Slaybella Brushes for eyes and highlight that were kindly gifted to me, theyre fluffy and blend out so nice! use code SPRING20 to get 20% off their site for a limited time.

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