Jaxosaurus Rex – Visits The Alnwick Gardens

This year for Easter, I decided because of Aldens absolute obsession with Dinosaurs that I’d theme activities around Dino’s for him! I was so excited to see that The Alnwick Garden had decided to hold An Archaeological Easter so I booked tickets straight away – pretty sure it was like 1am – I mean THAT excited!

I decided to buy an annual ticket this time and bought an Individual best friend ticket for only £27.50. It’s entry for me and upto four children – Alden is actually free as he falls under the Garden Child Category. However my entry would have been £13.50 with £3 parking each time I visited. I saw they have some brilliant events scheduled this year so it was a no brainer to become a friend and not only save money but Free Parking and Fast track entry is included aswell as 10% off the Pavillion Cafe and the Garden Gift shop it holds quite a number of other discounts for local businesses such as Heighley Gate Garden Centre and a host of others.

We set off early to try and make the 11am Dino Street Theatre show which is on from Friday 19th – Monday 22nd April. I didn’t anticipate the bank holiday caravan traffic (duh)! By the time we arrived got through the massing crowds we had missed it but there was another one at 1pm so we took off on the dinosaur egg trail to hunt the different species. It was a beautifully sunny day with blue skies, the gardens are simply stunning. The fountain is so impressive and there is maze of different water features in The Serpent Garden where you have to dodge the different ways water moves – I can imagine that being so much fun in the summer for kids, I must remember a towel for Alden for next time!

We headed up the stairs to the top and found some baby T-Rex, roaring away Alden was amazed by them. Pointing and mimicking their roaring. We had a quick look around the Ornamental Garden and found the giants cup of tea still steaming hot and a whimsical mini door which the kids are always fascinated by!

We headed along to the Cherry Orchard finding baby Triceratops, I think, along the way. My favourite place is the Orchard – up and down the winding paths wooden swings are dotted around offering a beautiful setting for a rest. I could honestly stay here for quite a while, but we were there for Dinosaurs this time! I was so pleased to see they had added stars down through the Orchard as last year it was difficult and tiring for Alden to wind around the paths, although beautiful to do so – it was much easier to pick him up and head down the steps. I heard that The Cherry Blossoms are only in bloom for about 2 weeks, so I’d recommend heading there asap if you want to catch that beauty.

Down at the bottom of the Orchard by the pond we spotted some Pterodactyl babies, freshly hatched – Alden started flying and squawking. We made our way around toward the Crafty Cottage. Making a pit stop in the sand pits. There was a buzz of children scuttling around to find some dino fossils in the sand. Alden done really well with his little brush and unearthed a skull fossil!

By this time, it was 12pm and I kept clock watching to make sure I wouldn’t miss the next street theatre – I think I was equally excited to be honest! We popped into the Crafty Cottage where they have some free craft activities to make your own spikes – Jaxosauraus Rex ran around on the grassy picnic area so impressed with his new spikes!

We had a pitstop for a little bit of lunch we had brought with us, and I treat my dino to an ice cream from the Pavillion which was beautiful before heading to the Dino Street Theatre to see if we could spot Tiny. I had shown Alden the videos on The Alnwick Garden’s Instagram the night before so he was sooo excited to meet the little steg!

It was amazing, the dinosaur, the setting the ‘Palaeontologist’ who was introducing her to all the children, Alden was in awe! His face was the cutest, full of wonder, amazement and utter delight! He waved, roared and shouted Stegosaurus when the lady asked the children if they knew what kind of dinosaur Tiny was! I live for moments like these, just pure joy.

We had a wonderful day, the weather was lovely, the surroundings were simply stunning but most of all Alden had the best day – and that’s what makes me happy and grateful.

Im already planning our next visit to the gardens.

I took so many photos which you can see the majority on my instagram by clicking here! Here are a few photos. If your little one is obsessed with dinosaurs I’d definitely head there over this Easter Weekend – its fun relaxed day our all around.


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