Lollipop Baby Cam – Gifted & Reviewed #AD

So I’m going to be honest I never even thought of needing a baby camera for Alden, as I spend pretty much every second of every day with him. I got into a routine of going to bed with him, not asleep but in bed and that was it until tomorrow.

The very kind people over at Lollipop Baby Camera gifted us a baby camera and I literally don’t know how I didn’t use one before!? I chose the Pistachio one, as I loved how vibrant it would be and my initial thoughts would be to put it in his play room so I could keep an eye on him.

The camera is so versatile I use it in different rooms, all the time, its so easy to position using the flexible but really strong arm – I wind it around the decor or position it so its a little stand for itself.

I shot a full video on the unboxing of the camera because I was genuinely impressed with the thought and detail they put into their packaging – sections for everything and the even packed in cable tidies too – so little fingers cant nab at the wires! You can see the video on my highlights on my instagram – here

Initial thoughts were that the camera was very contemporary, I love design and this was aesthetically pleasing when I originally looked for camera way back when Alden was tiny – they were all boxy and boring – sad but true. It also came with a branch like wall attachment which I haven’t needed to use myself but I love that they thought of it all being pleasing in design.

It’s super simple to use, you download the Lollipop app from your app store and link the camera to the app via your wifi. Its honestly a super simple set up. I love the different features such as cry detection, built in sounds to calm or entertain children. It has cross detection which is a brilliant feature where you can set the boundaries and the app will alert you if anything crosses those lines. Ideal if you have a really independent toddler like mine! Another super handy feature is the two way audio function – if I need to check in on Alden I can talk to him so he knows im not far – even if he was blissfully unaware id even let the room!

Ive played classical music to Alden since he was in my tummy, opting for a baby mozart from spotifiy or youtube – when he was younger this would always help him into a sense of calm and sleep – the app has some 3 different Mozart options – praise the lord! I tend to pop these on when he’s in that first stage of sleep at night so I know he will drift off into dreamland.

I was always sceptical of baby cameras, thinking they’d look like some dodgy CCTV where you can barely make out the picture but the Lollipop has really good picture quality regardless of the lighting in the room. Even with our black out curtains it still picks up a clear image which is another point I think parents will be pleased to hear before purchasing the camera.

All in all, I only ever review things honestly or accept gifted posts that I will use or I think will benefit me/other parents and this has been one of those that I wish I’d had earlier – if you’re looking for a baby camera, its the best on the market in my opinion if you need a simple set up, a minimal design. The extra features are an added bonus.

You can find the link to their website for more information and to buy here.


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