Quick fix – biscuit recipe

I’m a toddler Mammy as you may already know if you follow our blog, if not Hello, I’m Alden’s Mammy a.k.a Sharna Leanne!

& this is my go to recipe for throwing in my ninja food processor speed mixing and sticking in the oven – it’s quick when you need a sweet fix and I often whip a mix up and put it in an already hot oven from tea.

It’s definitely a recipe where I have added things like vanilla, chopped nuts, peanut butter, cinnamon you name it ive added it in and it always seems to come out so tasty especially when still a tiny bit warm with a cuppa! I’m a gu-estimator wing it type of baker, perfect for me because having a toddler makes it sometimes impossible to focus and take time on one thing. I also substitute things left right and centre all depending on what’s in my pantry tbh! Don’t have caster sugar no problem throw in some demerera sugar dusting the top before going in the oven leaves a lovely crispy caramel-y flavour too?!

Insert picture here… Well I used a stock photo for the ft image because I’ve not got any pictures because … well the toddler excuse above? I’ll remember to take some next time, probably with one missing from little fingers or me.. who knows! Update April 2020 ; I took my own photo now 😅



30g Caster Sugar use more for a sweeter biscuit.

55g Butter – ideally softened but I’m guilty of just mixing in my processor from the fridge – shock horrror!

75g Self Raising Flour

Makes approx 6-8 depending on the size you NEED?! Can be doubled to make more!

Method (if it even passes for that)

Preheat the oven to Fan 160°C. Adjust according to your oven, I have a google home in my kitchen that gets well used during baking for conversaions, hey google…..

Like I mentioned earlier I literally throw the butter in the processor, mix to soften a bit, add sugar – mix – add flour – mix and throw in anything else – if it seems dry add a touch water if wet add a touch flour.

I use a tablespoon to bring the dough together from the processor, roll a spoonful into balls with my hand and pop on a baking tray – spaced well apart I use the back of the spoon to press it down a touch too.

This probably is a laughable recipe but I can’t stress enough and I hope all parents resonate with the need for speed and not the vehicle kind. If you have time or don’t have a processor use good old elbow grease a bowl and a spoon it works the same, i remember those days fondly lol.

Bake in the preheated oven for 15–20 minutes until a very pale golden. Carefully lift off the baking tray – saying mmmmm outloud as the buttery whiff hits your grouchy can’t wait for caffiene soul – =leave to cool on a wire rack. I eat mine still a touch warm, theyre crumbly on the outside and soft, warm and buttery on the inside – YUM!

If you make them, tag me on insta @lifewithaldenjax so I can see what flavour you’ve created!


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