Journey to The Deep! Ad | Gifted

Have you ever been so excited to visit somewhere you ask about it every minute of every day? Yep that was Alden in the lead up to our Roadtrip to the Deep!

We were kindly gifted tickets to The Deep and I chose a date after Alden’s Birthday – If you didnt already know he is obsessed with Sharks – he knows all the different kinds – even had a Shark themed party last year (See my insta for amazing photos – I am ott with party planning and I’m not sorry)

The Deep is an magnificent place, that is one of the most beautiful aquariums in the whole world – we’re so incredibly lucky to have it here in the UK. Not only is it an amazing place that is full of immersive installations and activities – it’s also part of the worlds best marine conservation team – it’s at the heart of what they do!

From the beginning of the world you take a walk through the ages, with touchpad screens, interactive stations dotted along the way! With over 4 billion years covered the aquarium twists and turns into different sections with different themes and species – The Megladon fossil is incredible! If you check out our vlog you can see the full journey through the deep! The Endless Ocean and other tanks are incredible, theyre clean bright and have viewing windows from so many different angles its actually mesmerising with many different species of Rays, Sharks and fish. It’s also home to Honeycomb whiptail rays and a Green sawfish – the only pair in the UK. There’s a pair rescued Loggerhead sea turtles to spot too.

The staff are all wonderful, we stopped for the touchpool session, listened to all the facts and touched a spikey sea urchin. They also had an interactive floor game which Alden really enjoyed playing afterwards. We timed our day so we caught the Dive Show. The lady who hosted it was so entertaining and factual it really made a difference and had all the audience members laughing and taking part in the show. Everyone was captivated by the divers feeding the different sea life.

The cool seas was personally my favourite part. I’ve been obsessed with Jellyfish for so long, they way they move give such a calming feeling I couldve stayed in this section all day! Thats pretty hard with a toddler though!

Our friend Emily’s favourite section was up next – she is OBSESSED with penguins and in the Kingdom of Ice there is plenty to see of all different ages including two chicks that were born in the summer! There is also real ice walls, filled with handprints of previous visitors! This section also has so much information on how the earth has changed and warmed over the years.

The Deep Blue section filled with interactive digital displays, colour your very own fish and watch it swim onto the screen! It also has a really fun softplay that Alden really enjoyed – I didnt film much of it because it was super busy.

The next section was something I never expected I normally hate lifts but this one was incredible – it’s the UK’s only underwater lift which took us back to the surface through spotting fish as we went up! Don’t like the idea of the lift – the scenic stairway is just as incredible!

We had the best day at The Deep – there was so much to do so many things to see it was mesmerising, amazing, incredible and everything in between and more! I know we will definitely be looking into going again really soon – They always have so many different events and instalations to see it’s one of my favouite places we’ve been. Thank you so much for inviting us along for the day – Alden has named his penguin baby gift Attenborough or Baby ‘Appenbruh’ as Alden says.

The only honest comment I have from a parental perspective, not negative just something I wish every establishment that welcomes families would consider – installing at least one toilet seat that has the toddler attachments. I don’t know about any other mother but I feel like toddlers are missed out upon there is changing tables everywhere and then toilets – no inbetween. It’s a huge change. Alden had just conquered potty training the previous week and wasn’t keen on the transition to a big boy toilet – think look whos talking scared of falling down the hole vibes. I can imagine it would be difficult to concentrate on having a wee and remembering to grip on and keep yourself up from falling! The bathrooms themselves are so cool at the deep too decorated with all different scenic animal pictures – it would be something to consider at least having a one of these toilet seats. I did take a potty with us, but we we’re so far from the car I had incorrectly assumed that there was be something like this in such a family friendly place.

Head to The Deep’s website to plan your visit here!

Ticket Prices and Whats On

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Here are a few photos from our day, I’ve shared others and will continue to share others on our instagram!


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