My first week of #Veganuary2020

Week one is over and I’m feeling oddly serene.

I feel like I’ve got my head around the majority of the ins and outs of what to look for. I find if I can do that then I’m less likely to give up or end up in old habits, I don’t want anymore.

Based on past diets if I happen to fall off or something sends me spiralling and then that becomes a routine, falling back into old habits – I don’t like it. In fact I hate it when it happens and the frustration of feeling like a failure and trying trying trying to get back into being healthy is overwhelming. So I end up not bothering and time goes by quickly. 

I think because I initially dropped dairy, it’s made it somewhat easier to understand things more.  Don’t get me wrong, google, vegan shopping websites and pinterest have been a godsend. But if I can go without ‘real’ cheese I’ve think I’m already off to a good start! 

I’m making a conscious effort to change my mindset towards food. I’m not going to look at a minor blip and catastrophise it into that same spiral that seems harder to get back up from. If it happens, I’m going to allow myself to treat it as that, something that happened it doesn’t need to happen again or alter the path I’m taking. I can imagine it will happen and instead of fearing it, I’ll embrace it as growth – there was never success without failure and such like.

I’ve really enjoyed getting back into cooking more. I’ve never missed anything. My food has been colourful, full of vibrancy and fresh ingredients. I’ve felt full and not the bloated I’ve ate too much again full. The wow that was delicious and I’m satisfied. I’ve been surprised at some of the dishes I would usually cook have been Vegan already – like our weekend pancakes – I never added eggs for a while plainly because I havent had them in the fridge at the time of Alden’s pancake request. My pancake recipe is still super fluffy and tasty. Adapting my own recipes has been easy and fun and finding new ones I’ve enjoyed so much too.

From what I can remember I’ve made a vegan toad in the hole, lentil pasta, and tonight was veggie stir fry which was incredible – if i do say so myself!

To top it off Ive lost 4lbs, which is nice. For once my sole focus wasn’t weight, calories or anything I’ve felt like I’ve followed my bodies intuition of when/what I want to eat. That is super new to me, I’ve never had a ooo i just fancy a… appetite a more eat because you need to. Eat because its there, I’m tired, I’m upset, I’m bored – I can imagine how silly that sounds but its true.  So this new feeling is quite liberating, is that the word. I’m proud of myself. I’m excited for the coming weeks. 


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