Lets talk skin! Hello Body UK – Ad

Skincare, it’s something I’ve dabbled in for a while, especially since becoming a Mammy.  Sleep deprivation just isn’t a good look on me. I used to look in the mirror and feel ugh, if ugh was a thing – I felt it, looked it and despised it! 

I started looking into different products to, in the first instance, make myself look better for myself – there’s only so many times people say oh you look tired amusingly before it becomes downright annoying! What happened to if you’ve got nothing nice to say right?! Once I researched different skincare products and what they did, contained and ultimately just how quick I could do the routine – I was on to a winner. 

So some of you may know I have a B12 deficiency, pernicious anaemia and its a pain in the butt for many reasons the fatigue, the breakouts before an injection is needed then the week or so after too – the fatigue – I often missed doing my old skincare routine which has like 4 or 5 steps I just put it off in favour of some extra Zzzz. 

But then I was back to square one, until Hello Body UK, emailed me asking if id like to collaborate – they sent me a cute little package containing two products from their Aloe range – the Daily Facial Cleansing Gel and the Aloe Light Hydrating Daily Moisturizer 

They also sent a super cute and dainty little cucumber planting kit – bad news it didn’t survive, or even start to grow to be honest I’m just not green fingered in the slightest no matter how hard I try. 

Anyway back to the skincare, the products they sent me from first glance and from a nerd point of view the packaging is clean, clear and aesthetically pleasing – the ingredients and instructions are easy to read on the products and they both smell so good. 

I started using them right away, unfortunately it was right on the time when I was due an injection – hence why this review has taken some weeks whilst the products settled in.  I’m a normal/combination skin and I find the initial switch from one skincare product to the next my skin takes a while to adjust however using these aloe based products it seemed to soothe any problem areas before or as quick as they occurred.

The cleansing gel turns into a creamy texture which I found really pleasant, it didn’t drag on the skin or feel like there was a lot of effort to remove it – it contains aloe vera and cucumber water so not only did it smell super fresh and clean it also provided good hydration to my skin. 


Followed by the aloe daily moisturiser I found it to be a lightweight creamy-gel like texture it felt refreshing and soothing. It didn’t take a long time to absorb and didn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or oily in any of the usual areas others have done before.  It also smells really fresh and contains hyaluronic acid which boosts skins’ hydration.


I did see some improvements to my skin, because it was/has been a usually problematic time and a transition to a new skincare regime I found my skin coped a lot better than any other time I’ve changed products.  I found that I looked more awake and less dull, the small pigments of redness that I often get seemed more balanced and any breakout seemed to last a lot shorter than it usually would. I noticed also that my make up went on more evenly, easily and lasted longer – bonus! It’s a quick routine that I fit into my day easily and above all I feel like my skin without make up is feeling a lot better, so good that I don’t feel as self conscious on no make up days and they seem to be a lot more often now I feel a little more confident in my skin. 

The products from Hello Body are also Vegan, free from…. and cruelty free – If you follow us on instagram or have read my last blog post you’d see I’ve went Vegan and I’m thoroughly enjoying it – I love how this hasn’t had to have changed for my skincare. 

Thank you Hello Body! 



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