£100 Amazon Card Giveaway!

Lots of wonderful UK bloggers have teamed up together to be able to give away a £100 Amazon Gift Card to one lucky winner! All organised by Sarah over at Whimsical Mumblings. Find out who's involved in this amazing giveaway below, and how you can enter to win this fantastic prize! Travel Bugs // Life … Continue reading £100 Amazon Card Giveaway!


There is magic in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea…

Did you know of such a thing as a magic sausage roll? There are five imaginative stories of a purple monster and the girl and the boy and their wonderful adventures all hidden in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea waiting to be unlocked. I am so grateful and proud to have been asked to work along side some incredible … Continue reading There is magic in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea…

My Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety – COVID-19

I’ve thought about writing this post for a while and have been putting it off and off because sometimes writing is therapeutic and sometimes it exacerbates whatever I’m feeling. If you follow me over on insta or have read any other blog posts regarding mental health you’d be aware that I struggle with PTSD following … Continue reading My Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety – COVID-19

Explaining a virus to my curious 3 year old

During this time of panic and uncertainty children can sense change especially if schools are closing, schedules and routines quickly change or they need to be in isolation. They look to their parents, family or care givers for calm and a safe space. I believe greatly in transparency and speaking open and honestly with children … Continue reading Explaining a virus to my curious 3 year old

Veganuary? How and why!

I’ve been researching Veganism or plant based diets for a while. Scrolling through twitter feeds, pinterest boards and instagram bios. Watching probably hours of vegan chefs on youtube compiling playlists of recipes that look and sound delicious. Don’t get me wrong I was never a fully fledged carnivore eating lots of different kinds of meat. … Continue reading Veganuary? How and why!