Be nice?

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post along these lines for so long, but always thought no, dont be annoyed, deep breaths lol. Then I saw yet another post and I remembered i’d rather blurt it out into words than push the frustration away to spring back on the next post I see inadvertently … Continue reading Be nice?

Screen time isn’t so bad? Is it?

If you've read this blog before or follow us on instagram youll know that my parenting journey is a solo one. When Alden was smaller I used to feel extremely guilty if I 'left' him to watch Baby Tv whilst I zoomed around doing the housework. I used to think, I hadnt played with him … Continue reading Screen time isn’t so bad? Is it?

Jaxosaurus Rex – Visits The Alnwick Gardens

This year for Easter, I decided because of Aldens absolute obsession with Dinosaurs that I'd theme activities around Dino's for him! I was so excited to see that The Alnwick Garden had decided to hold An Archaeological Easter so I booked tickets straight away - pretty sure it was like 1am - I mean THAT … Continue reading Jaxosaurus Rex – Visits The Alnwick Gardens