Who am I again?

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, Hello, its nice to meet you!

Im Sharna Leanne, a 30 year old North East Mammy whos riding the rollercoaster of solo parenting with my dinky little dude who is 2!

I started this blog as mainly a way to clear some headspace (better out than in) and share our adventures whilst making memories! Although there was a request from some of our insta friends – & I always thought my constant stories were annoying! I had been considering a blog for a long time before this but always felt i’d be judged. Well its taken me 30 years to be a tad more confident and follow my own passions [shh anxiety.. they don’t think that] – so here is the Life with Alden Jax blog! Ta-daaa!

My hopes for this blog is to share an honest, frank and truthful view on life as a solo mama for me. There will be spelling errors, grammatical errors because sometimes I’m typing so fast to get the train of thought out… before I forget… baby brain doesn’t wear off huh… The views in this blog are all my own, theyre from my personal experience with my life as a Mammy and a woman! If someting offends or you don’t agree with something – that’s cool, were all different mamas and all our bubas are different too!

If my posts resonate or relate to any mammy’s, make them laugh or even just escape for a few minutes while they read about my sometimes chaotic life then thats brilliant. My random ramblings that would just be buzzing around my head are definitely better typed out.