Lets talk skin! Hello Body UK – Ad

Skincare, it’s something I’ve dabbled in for a while, especially since becoming a Mammy.  Sleep deprivation just isn't a good look on me. I used to look in the mirror and feel ugh, if ugh was a thing - I felt it, looked it and despised it!  I started looking into different products to, in … Continue reading Lets talk skin! Hello Body UK – Ad

Veganuary? How and why!

I’ve been researching Veganism or plant based diets for a while. Scrolling through twitter feeds, pinterest boards and instagram bios. Watching probably hours of vegan chefs on youtube compiling playlists of recipes that look and sound delicious. Don’t get me wrong I was never a fully fledged carnivore eating lots of different kinds of meat. … Continue reading Veganuary? How and why!

Festive Tales with Santa – Woodhorn Museum

I’m going to be totally honest, I had heard mixed reviews before going to this event.  A few people had said it was magical and a few had that it seemed to not be value for money and were left feeling disappointed.  I obviously write a blog, which has reviews and I do read reviews … Continue reading Festive Tales with Santa – Woodhorn Museum