New Years Resolutions.. 2019

For so many years I’ve been like everyone else saying new year, new me. But I’ve found most of the the time I tend to overly catastrophise failure when it either seems to take too long or it never happens. Being a Mammy I find that time absolutely flies, a solo parent it never stops! There’s already enough mam-guilt I’m unnecessarily adding to it.

So this year it’s not a new me.

It’s New year, Better me.

I’m going to set myself small goals and tasks which will eventually lead to a bigger picture. I’m going to build in time to spend on myself, learning to grow and better myself as a person and as a Mammy.

This covers a broad range of mini things from mental and physical health to anything Mammy related.

I’ll write down in a list (I mean who doesn’t love a list?!) and along the line I’ll continually remind myself that even if the I don’t complete the entire list, it’s okay because look how far I’ve came.

Tick those little boxes and feel accomplished!

I’d love to hear your new year’s resolutions? Do you go big or go home?Or set little targets?


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