My Second week of #Veganuary

It’s the second week over already, I feel like Veganuary is flying. 

I’m super surprised and equally proud of myself that I haven’t felt overwhelmed or stressed out about what to make.  It may just be because it’s still pretty new but I found myself ordering takeaway or eating something or anything that was quick to make and just food before going dairy free, and then Vegan.  

I’m finding that I’m thinking about what I’m eating but not where I’m frustrated as to what to eat, just more about ooo what do I fancy.  I have NEVER ever had an appetite and never fancied anything I just ate, as simple and as boring as that. 

However this week I feel like I’ve explored more recipes and meals I would originally have chicken in.  I made a curry, which would usually be a chicken tikka masala or butter chicken.

This week I made a Sweet potato, red lentil curry – with peppers in too because I had a spare one in the fridge. I made some rice following a recipe from Avant Garde Vegan and used the Coconut milk I had left in the can from the curry sauce and MY GOODNESS it is a game changer. I don’t think I’ve ever had rice that was so tasty! It lasted 3 days, and I was not tired of eating it, was even more delish the next day cold I added it to a wrap and had a crunch burrito with some Salsa Chilli Tortillas from Lidl.

This week I also ate out at a Marston’s – which was eventful. The food sounded lush, it looked really nice.  It just didn’t float my boat. Like I explained in my last post, I think, I’ve never been a red meat eater anyway and this plant based burger named the Extra b12 burger :/ was far too similar to a rare piece of steak for me.  It tasted like it had been grilled on the same section as meat it was so similar it literally made me feel nauseous. I tried jackfruit for the first time though which was nice, it was in a bbq style sauce and it was delicious.  I ate the jackfruit, the sweet potato fries and then I was shocked because I realised the brioche looked like a regular brioche roll. I asked the server, who consulted the chef and he said it was vegan so I have to take that as it is and hope it is the truth.  I’m not sure if it was the server being a little hostile but I felt like I was a bit of a burden for asking simple questions, sheepishly aswell because I felt pretty awkward. 

Does it get easier? 

I skim read the Veganuary newsletter this morning which referenced its completely normal to feel apprehensive at the start, which really made me feel better about the awkward feelings from the other day. It also mentioned about coming up against animosity where some may be defensive or abrupt, which I’m hoping wont occur with me.  I have already come up against some negative terminology when referencing my choices but I cant force people to support me – so I’m going to choose to ignore negative comments whether intentional or not, there is no need – my life isn’t theres. 

This week I also unintentionally slipped up, it didn’t even realise until after I had ate it and it was gone! My little one, shared his milky buttons by kindly force feeding me a one. – one for you mammy – I said thank you and then thought oh crap – but oh well it’s not the end of the world or bugged me enough to slip into falling off my journey as vegan. So it happened, it doesn’t matter – I referenced this in my first Vegan post where I was going to make sure I didn’t ruminate on ‘failures’ and I practiced that. I remember watching a Beginner’s Guide to Veganism video on Pick up limes youtube channel that was so useful in the beginning I remember her referencing the following that really resonated with me. 

The path and journey into veganism is more of a zig zag than it is a straight line.

Sadia – Pick up Limes

Lastly I’ve lost more weight, I feel better in myself. I’m thoroughly enjoying being Vegan, lets see what week 3 brings! 


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